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One-way racism

Words are worse than violence

Not accepting election results

We’re not a democracy

Foreigners are better than citizens

Government can only grow and never shrink

Big-government socialists who hate the cops

Anti-Christian atheists who love Islam

Greenies who love mass immigration

Self-hating Americans who want mama immigration

Equal rights via inequality

Progressives have abandoned God, but replaced him with government and/or other authority figures.

Feminization of society and politics — since the advent of “labor-saving” devices for the home

One-way cultural appropriation

One-way diversity

Negroes are now in charge of American society and culture

If white supremacy is bad, then is white bashing bad, too?

If America is so racist, why do so many non-whites want to come here?

One-way affirmative action and “equality”

Those promoting a nanny state are the same persons who claim to be rebelling against authority, morals, history, etc.

Politics of envy: Tearing down the achievers instead of building up those at the bottom (which only free-market capitalism can do)

Free market capitalism (private ownership, private control) vs socialism (private ownership, partial government control, wealth restribution) vs fascism (private ownership, government control) vs communism (government ownership, government control)

CCW reciprocity

UN Gun Ban Treaty (Obama)

Obama anti-gun executive orders that Trump has yet to overturn

Can you imagine if these violent cry-babies had control of the White House, too?

One-way gentrification — non-whites moving into white neighborhoods is desirable, and would have been forced under Obama (and Clinton?)

Invade the world, invite the world, investigate the world — foreign interventionism as a direct cause of the domestic police state

Disarming federal agencies — all of them. Convert the FBI into investigations only.

No freedom of speech/religion for those who do not agree to the principles of the U.S. — The Constitution.

We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy. The Founding Fathers loathed democracy.

“Hate crimes” and “hate crime” hoaxes

“Now, to use the famous metaphor by Alfred Korzybski in his Science and Sanity (1933), this verbal world ought to stand in relation to the extensional world as a map does to the territory it is supposed to represent. If a child grows to adulthood with a verbal world in his head which corresponds fairly closely to the extensional world that he finds around him in his widening experience, he is in relatively small danger of being shocked or hurt by what he finds, because his verbal world has told him what, more or less, to expect. He is prepared for life. If, however, he grows up with a false map in his head […] he will constantly be running into trouble, wasting his efforts, and acting like a fool. He will not be adjusted to the world as it is: he may, if the lack of adjustment is serious, end up in a mental hospital.” — S. I. Hayakawa

Divide and conquer.

Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile — in language, monuments, etc.

Perpetual war to burn off the excess currency created by perpetual inflation. Our leaders are addicted to inflation because it allows them to borrow more now to spend more now, while reducing the amount that has to be repaid.

Brave New World, 1984, and Harrison Bergeron has all come to pass. Same visions of the present, but from different perspectives.

Government is out of bedrooms— now sex is everywhere. These people don’t want privacy for their sex acts, they want everyone to be confront with them.

Bubble people: They have no historical perspective. They would oppose the melting of the North American ice sheet on the grounds that the erosion through Arizona would be terrible. They would oppose the rise in sea levels because it leads to expanding coral reefs. For progressives, the benchmark for all things is their tiny, narrow, short perspectives.

Prison is the ideal of progressives, because there is total gun (and other weapon) control, free medical, free food, free housing, and all the power resides with the government.

At the dawn of the 1900s, it was inconceivable that white people wouldn’t rule and run the planet. Less than 100 years later, it is inconceivable that white people will survive another 100 years, and certainly their dedication to freedom and progressive will die with them.

To get a perspective on government health insurance, think instead about what government bankruptcy insurance would look like. We “need” bankruptcy insurance because sometimes persons fall on hard times, and the government should be there to help them up. Only people would be running through their money as fast as possible, declaring bankruptcy, and letter the government pay.

Greg Gomez’ story about his mom and the free cosmetic surgery.

No one now alive knows what freedom looks like.

The common thought is that repression of opposition is racist, but in reality oppression of opposition is part of any socialist movement. To assign it only to fascism is an attempt to put other socialist movements in a better light. The biggest opponents of fascism are not libertarians, but Communists.

Progressives want to change and/or destroy what has worked for generations, and implement what has never worked anywhere, and which is not sustainable.

Fascism is a political movement to implement state control of society. The reason it is connected with violence is that all such movements to rule demand violence to the freedom of citizens as part and parcel of their existence.

The worst aspect of the current focus on Civil War memorials is that it has everyone talking as if the Civil War was about slavery. It wasn’t: It was about states’ rights. There were tariff issues. There was a financial power struggle between the North and the South that the North did not want the South to win. The South decided to run things for themselves, but Lincoln put a stop to that.

The Jeffersonian view of our free Constitutional republic died on the South’s surrender after the Civil War. Since then, we have been firmly in the Lincolnian view, where the Federal government is all-powerful.

Progressives largely reject God, but as a replacement.

Progressives are out exchange.

Liberalism is a mental disorder

Progressives try to believe Six things that are impossible before breakfast like the red queen in Through the looking glass believe in Big Government.

Politicians grow ever-more corrupt because there are few if any penalties for lying and corruption. As they see they can get away with being corrupt — or with saying one thing and doing another — they are at first emboldened to continue that behavior, and then inured with that level of deception and corruption. After all, they are surrounded by it. Why drain the swamp when it’s so profitable to paddle around in it?

Progressives often don’t oppose new restrictions because they believe the law doesn’t apply to them, only to others.

Rights vs responsibilities. No one ever asks — or even mentions — responsibilities.

How the left redefines words (maybe to go with Hiyakawa piece?).

Progressives infest wholesome entertainment and debase it … NFL, Emmy’s, etc.

Progressives only invoke democracy when the masses support them. Otherwise, they are happily elitists.

Displaced costs of solar, etc.

Kid’s films do better box office, but Hollywood is too sophisticated to provide real entertainment, so it churns out debauched films and TV shows.

We should thank Harvey Weinstein. First, he was correct when he stated that Hollywood is the conscience of America … unfortunately. That’s one of our problems. Second, if he hadn’t had to pay millions to his victims, that money might have gone to HRC or some other commie politician. Third, he provides a great example of the type of person who opposes gun ownership by citizens.

Get government out of our bedrooms, but then they bring their sex acts into the public, and say that if you have a vagina you must vote for HRC.

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